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Tasty Saves

Food Rescue Crew

An interface where stores can easily share food that is close to expiration and consumers can easily find foods they want at a fair price.

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For a class's semester long project, my team and I were tasked to create any app we desired. We choose to create an app called Tasty Saves. Which is a platform that enables stores to share their surplus food that is nearing expiration and allows consumers to efficiently browse and purchase the food at a reasonable price. 

My Role



The Team

I was responsible for the user researchhigh fidelity UI design, prototypingand SWOT analysis.

Fall semester 2022

Figma, Miro

Sakshi MalaviyaAnannya Bhagat, Bonnie Kennedy, Desiree White, Srinidhi Paruchuri, & Sumi Shin

Screen Shot 2023-02-19 at 6.22.36 PM.png

Tasty Saves Logo

The Problem

It is estimated by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) that food waste accounts for 30-40% of the food supply, which include high-quality food being sent to the landfills instead of being used by people in need. Grocery stores are significant contributors to this issue, with a large amount of food being taken off shelves and discarded before being sold. Thus, it is crucial to find a more effective system to prevent this wastage and make excess food accessible to people in need. 

Our Goal

Tasty Saves aims to reduce food wastage and promote more sustainable consumption practices by both the consumers and sellers (grocery stores) by enabling stores to share their surplus of food nearing expiration at a fair price to be used by those in need






Design Process


SWOT Analysis

Sample Interview Questions

In the ideation phase, my team mate and I brainstormed the type of questions we could use in the survey. We also brainstormed about who our target audience would be for the questions. We figured out that we wanted to ask shoppers as well as owners/employees of grocery stores. Then we crafted about 15 survey questions, here's a couple: 

  1. Do you shop for groceries in-person or online?

  2. What food items do you spend the most on in a typical shopping trip?

  3. What type of groceries do you struggle to consume before it expires?

  4. do you often find yourself checking the clearance lane while grocery shopping?


To gain better insight of the participants answers from the survey, we divided the 20 responses we got into 3 distinct clusters based on common theme and similarities. We used these personas whenever we wanted step out of ourselves and remind us of what the users would actually need in an app



Monetization Approach

The Monetization 

There are 4 ways that Tasty Saves will generate revenue:

  1. Partners

    • ​Partners are businesses that subscribe monthly to Tasty Saves & use its services to connect with customers. ​​

    • Tasty Saves will receive commission on sales that are generated through the app. 

  2. Shoppers

    • The shoppers purchase items through the app & pre-order groceries are helping partners make more money & help Tasty Saves in generating more revenue. ​

  3. Brands

    • Brands may pay a fee to include samples of their products & coupons with orders. ​

  4. Monetizing harvested data​​​​​​

    • Monetizing user data including food preferences based on age, gender, location, season and income level. ​

Design Process


After our team discussed the feature requirements of the screens for Tasty Saves, my team used Figma to create the low-fidelity wireframes. 

Tasty Saves Wireframes.png

UI Design

My team's goal was to create a design that allowed partner & shoppers to use the product 'differently'. Since the former shared their products and the latter bought it. Thus, the features of the app was designed differently depending on if they logged in as a shopper or as a partner. 

To align with the theme of sustainability and saving produce, I choose green to be the primary color for the UI design. I used multiple hues of green while also using the color white on any extra space to keep the app easy on the eyes. 

The main features of the app allowed shoppers to discover nearby stores, shop for discounted foods, & track their orders. The main features of the app for the partners included an inventory feature, checking for any orders, and tracking the items listed on the app. 

Tasty Saves UI desgin.png
2nd UI design.png

Discover Nerby Stores

Shoppers are able to explore local stores selling food at a discounted price. 

Explore food items

Consumers can shop for products that are close to expiration & purchase them for a significantly reduced price. 

shopping food.png

Track Orders

Shoppers are able to discover & track their orders. 



Partners can view, add, or delete products on the app. The product can also be scanned 

adding inventory.png

Check Pending Orders(Partners)

The Sales rep of the partnering services can view the pending customer's orders, the items they bought, & whether items are being picked up or delivered to them. 


SWOT Analysis

The results of the SWOT analysis will be used for managing the product road map.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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